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7 Highest Paying Freelance Jobs For Earning A Steady Income

If you want to start a career as a freelancer properly which generates maximum income, right? Most new freelancers actually think that way. And that’s reasonable enough, isn’t it?

Although, it is much more complicated than that. The best way to pursue this is not to simply say that one skill is more demanding or better paid than others. Sometimes writing costs $ 5 more or less according to the skill, for example, Fiverr pays 5 for writing a 1000 word article and often pays $ 100 for the same work.

As it turns out, a lot depends on experience and quality of work. Having said that, as a plan for a freelancing career, it is important to know your market and what kind of skills pay the most. The freelancing industry has the most opportunities for those of you who want to make a steady income or retire early.

 1. Programming And Software Development

James Knight is a programmer who left a lucrative job at Google just to pursue a career in freelancing. And for now, he earns more than $ 1,000 per hour working as a developer. One of the tops paid jobs for freelancers is programming jobs, especially software and mobile app development. Because it is a skill that is very difficult to master so there are less skilled people. Thus, the demand for good coders is quite high. If you want to make good money, you need to learn code well. And free courses at CodeAcademy or Udemy are not enough to learn it well. Because they will teach you only the basics. However, you need to invest some money and time in learning and practicing proper coding.

Then, you need to gradually build yourself up as a skilled freelancer. If you want to start charging around $ 150 per hour or more, you need to have strong proficiency in programming languages ​​like iOS and WebGL. According to the Upwork survey, Bitcoin developers are also in high demand, earning more than $ 200 per hour.

2. Social Video Marketing

One of the new skills is “Social Video Marketing” Skill ranks third on the list of fast-growing skills and for good reason. This skill pays over $ 150 per hour for marketers on the platform. This is not surprising. Most of the video content marketing has emerged here. And the skills will be maintained year after year by various media platforms like Instagram Video, TickTock, Like, and YouTube. To capture the audience you need to be skilled at creating video content, then optimizing them for SEO, done with new ideas and marketing strategies.

 3. Web Design and Development

 4. Content Marketing/Writing

The rise of online marketing and inbound marketing is now one of the most famous places for freelancers. It is considered as the development of new techniques and content writing. This will help you to find evidence of how satisfactorily the freelance writers are doing. You require better than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. The most important something is to create a creative mind to write amazing articles that pay well. Even those who have a master’s degree in literature and an A + essay from college will not satisfy from working online.

 5. Graphic Design

Graphic design is the second multiple sought-after talents in UpWork. Look at the highest freelancers under the graphic design department but you will see some freelancers who make up to $ 85 per hour working on the design. The proposal for infographic design is heightened nowadays. Logo designs, icon designs, and illustrations too pay off fairly well. But, like content writing, to be a quality graphic designer, you have to look at the design.

6. Copywriters

Copywriters are different from content marketers and writers. These freelancers specialize in writing content for website pages, service descriptions, products, etc. The rate of charge for copywriters depends on the level of experience and skill of each freelancer. A professional freelance copywriter pays $ 250 per hour. A look at TopWork’s list of top copywriters shows that they charge between $ 15 and $ 100 per hour for copywriting work.

7. Video Editors

Freelance video editors in the US earn around $72,000 per year, while more experienced video editors make around $122,000 per year.

The demand for video editors in the freelance industry saw a rise in the last few years, thanks to the opportunities presented by platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you’re good with putting together video clips and creating awesome video content, this could be a great future-proof career to get into.

Bonus: Social Media Managers

Social media marketing is an important part of brand and business marketing strategies. Almost every business, including small local coffee shops to big corporate brands, now use social networks to promote their products and brand.

This opened up a massive opportunity for freelancers when most of these brands and businesses started looking for people who would manage their social media channels for them. Now, it’s an entire industry of its own.

Earnings for social media managers in the US range from $46,000 per year and up to $72,000 per year, according to PayScale. A quick search on LinkedIn brought up over 9,000 job results for Social Media Managers in the US alone. And over 2,000 jobs in India.

A Small Piece Of Advice

People are always looking for ways to get rich quickly. Maybe all the stories about billion-dollar startup acquisitions and how people make quick millions with smartphone apps are starting to get to their heads.

As a result of the media hype, they don’t see the valuable message hidden inside all those success stories: It requires Hard Work to make money.

Did you think WhatsApp became a $20 Billion app overnight? It took them over 4 years to get there. It took almost 5 years for Mark Zuckerberg to make Facebook a success. He didn’t even make any money through the platform in the first few years.

The moral of the story is: Don’t try to follow a career path just because it pays well. If you want to build a steady income and survive as a freelancer, choose to do work that you’re passionate about, work that gets you excited every day, and work that challenges you to learn something new every day.

That passion and burning desire inside you will drive you to be better at what you do and improve your skills and eventually leading you to earn more than ever before.

Learn to be patient as well. Because it will take some time before you start earning a steady income. And remember, you’ll only have to work hard for a short while. Then it’ll be like a walk in the park.

Outsourcing is now a very popular term all around the world. People are earning money through outsourcing and freelancing. Freelancing and outsourcing are not similar. When an organization does its work by others from outside is called outsourcing and the person who does the work by himself is a freelancer.

There are a number of freelancing sites available all around the world like, Upwork, Fiverr, etc. For this, people are looking for outsourcing training. As a result, the demand for outsourcing institutes is increasing.

What jobs are available for freelancing?

People may want to know about the types of jobs for outsourcing and freelancing. Basically, the freelancing marketplace is designed to do a variety of things. So in these marketplaces, different jobs are available like-

1. Graphics Design, 2. Internet Marketing, 3. photography, 4. Web design and Development, 5. Presentation, 6. Video editing, 7. Music, 8. Android App Development, 9. videography,  10. iOS Apps Development, 11. WordPress Theme Development, 12. Programming, 13. Interior design, 14. Finance and accounting, 15. WordPress Customization, 16. 3D Studio Max, 17. AutoCAD, 18. translation broadcasting, 19. Telemarketing, 20. Cartoon painting, etc.

So to be a skilled freelancer you need to have a clear idea about the above tasks. In Bangladesh, there are many organizations that serve you as a freelancer. And each organization has a long experience. And after receiving training from these institutions, many are working successfully in different marketplaces. After all, they make millions of people self-reliant and they think it’s their duty!!!

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